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There is nothing more romantic in Rome than after having landed at Rome aiports, taking immedaitely a shower and let to be transported by a de-luxe limousine across the streets of Rome at night.

The warm light of Rome start to hugh you before wishing you good night: it's a wonderful sensation to feel the warmth of Rome at night. Well, what Rome reveals at night?
Its charme starts when your guide decides to sightseeing with you through the baroque squares of Rome like Piazza Navona and a Rome by night visit can not miss Trevi Fountain. Throwing a coin to the most popular fountain of Rome recalls the famous anecdote that you will be back again to Rome another time.

Rome, during the day, has one charm and one call done of art, culture and archaeology that mix themselves in a kaleidoscope of colors and feelings aroused in all the people visiting the city. In fact the sunny days give even more prominence to these historical testimonies guarded from the Eternal City.

But at night, when they turn on the lamp-posts in the road, when the fountains are illuminated making to seem them falls of light, when on the bridges, the light of the lamps gradually increases up to reflect its colors on the Tiber, resembling to an illuminated mirror, when the streets of the center are full of people and lights, when monuments, churches and piazzas put in prominence their beauty with the complicity of the obscurity in a magic game of indirect light, it seems that Rome waits for the night really to wake up and to make herself beautiful, as she is going to a show, that of the love for this city.

Even if the temptation to be in the fountain for more time is very hard, your excursion will cover places nearby the Trevi Fountain like the Spanish Steps and the city center of Rome located close to the Colosseum.

The Pincio, that dominates Rome from its magnificent baluster, allowing to admire the nighttime panorama of almost all the city or the Zodiac, the highest point in Rome placed next to the observatory of Astronomy with a vaster panorama, and the Janiculum Hill (Gianicolo) where is the statue of Anita Garibaldi, where you can also admire by that position a spectacular view. Moreover naturally in the zone of the Imperial Fora and the Colosseum, that assumes a look completely different from the day, wisely illuminated from who knows and wants to make also know this marvellous city at night.

Rome at night can not be covered by walking: in fact if you stroll for two hours at night you will be able to see only part of it and you will miss for example the visit of the Roman Forum and to the ancient Rome as well as to Saint Peter Basilica.

The panoramic private tour of Rome at night must stop also near the Vatican, close to saint Peter Square, to admire the new night illumination of the dome of Michelangelo, which is the tallest building of Italy.

Please note: if you are a group of 12-14 persons, it could seem much easier to make the excursion with only one bus, but it's not because the buses with more than 8 people have not the permission to get in the restricted area of Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps and you are forced to get off and to walk for some miles making the tour harder and losing a lot of time and things to see. We can avoid this problem doing the tour of Rome with a luxury Minivan (up to 6 people) and a luxury Minibus (up to 8 people) together, resulting to you in a lower physical effort and more time to enjoy.



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